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Ten Foot Tuque

Ten Foot Tuque is the solo song writing journey of Kent Aessie.

Ten Foot Tuque has successfully captured all that is the Lakeland Region of Northeastern Alberta with locally brewed heavy hitting original music. While the music is not necessarily genre specific, it is fuelled by a foundation of technical multi-genre guitar formats such as Blues, Folk, Rock 'n Roll, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal.

In January 2019 The 1st Annual Bonnyville Fine Arts "Rockin' The Blues Concert" was a HUGE success as Kent successfully took a willing Power Trio and delivered his 3rd album of Ten Foot Tuque songs to a +300 capacity audience @ Bonnyville's Lyle Victor Albert Center. (All proceeds injected the funding of a new Bonnyville Performance Arts Theatre)

Ten Foot Tuque Power Trio during the 1st Annual Bonnyville Fine Arts "Rockin' The Blues Concert"
  Marie Ilchuk - January 2019
Ten Foot Tuque (R) and Grant Watton (L) Power Trio @ The Grande Parlour | Performance Art & Theatre
  Suzanne Aessie - 24th Nov 2018
Kent independently released his first album: Ten Foot Tuque & Friends: Let Yøu In (Sept 2018) and has since released: Zerø'ized (Oct 2018) and The Aficionados (Jan 2019). The album: Let Yu In - is a unique Lakelands studio project which includes guest performances with some highly skilled local musician friends.

Acoustic guitar aficionados that enjoy complex arrangements will appreciate: Zerø'ized - as Kent is armed only with his acoustic guitar and voice, delivering all the songs from Let Yu In, except... fully unplugged.

The Aficionados is a power trio approach to a 6x song blues album of music reularily performed live, but needed studio attention.